Introducing 'Learn The Steps, Get Employed'

26 May 2015, in Job Applications

It’s been live for a week or so now, and we are super excited to announce our latest uptimize course.

‘Learn The Steps, Get Employed’ is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between uptimize and the Autistic Global Initiative of the Autism Research Institute, headquartered in San Diego, California.

Employment outcomes for young people on the autism spectrum are truly shocking. A recent report states: “Compared to other types of disabilities, young adults on the autism spectrum had the lowest rate of employment – just 58% ever worked during their early 20s.

Another scary fact; 1 in 3 young adults with autism currently have no paid job experience, college or technical school seven years after high school graduation.

The Autistic Global Initiative wanted to change that – and we were thrilled to help them.

Valerie Paradiz, Director of the Autistic Global Initiative, said this:

We wanted to reach young people with autism globally, to give them the guidance they need to get that crucial first job. Working with uptimize has enabled us to realize this ambition. ‘

Working with the AGI, uptimize has created a comprehensive employability course for young people on the autism spectrum – covering everything from discovering your hidden strengths, to job applications, finding mentors, and interview techniques.

Check out the course here:



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