Tim Goldstein Joins Uptimize's Subject Matter Advisory Board

17 Apr 2018, in Autism & Employment

We are delighted to announce Tim Goldstein, the highly respected neurodiversity consultant and thought leader, has joined Uptimize's subject matter advisory board. Tim will be bringing his expertise and methodology to Uptimize client engagements, as well as helping to steer Uptimize's content and products as we continue to develop best-in-class solutions in the field of neurodiversity at work. 

Diagnosed with Asperger’s at 54, Denver-based Tim Goldstein has become an eminent “Neurodiverse Communications Specialist“ with a unique appraoch to helping leaders and employees better understand how coworkers on the autism spectrum function.

Having had a successful career both as a senior technical professional in corporations and as an entrepreneur, Tim brings a nuanced perspective to building strategies to support neurodiverse workers. He has taught his concepts at Cornell and written a book, Geeks Guide to Interviews.

Ed Thompson, CEO of Uptimize, said "Tim brings a huge amount to the table as a subject matter expert. The combination of Tim's understanding of business and his personal experiences as an autistic tech professional make him an ideal fit to be part of our journey". 

Tim Goldstein said "I am delighted to join Uptimize’s advisory board with the opportunity to help expand and refine their already best-in-class training. I'm also excited to help clients through presentations, workshops, and webinars to help them fully benefit from Uptimize’s leading edge training".


For more information on our advisory board, visit www.uptimize.com/about


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