Uptimize's Ed Thompson Guests on RIT's first 'Thinking Differently' Webinar

23 Apr 2018, in Autism & Employment

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY, has one of the most successful university autism support programs, assisting students through their time at the university and into employment.

We at Uptimize have been collaborating for over a year with RIT's autism program leads Laura Ackles and Janine Rowe on awareness activities with RIT's circle of employers, highlighting together the importance of neurodiversity at work.

Last week, RIT launched the first of a series of webinars - under the title 'Thinking Differently' - to help provide employers with more information about how neurodiversity relates to the workplace, the importance and value of hiring neurodiverse talent, and some practical insights on how to build a neurodiversity at work program in their organization. 

Guesting on the podcast - which you can listen to on YouTube (link below), were: 

- Ed Thompson, CEO Uptimize, explaining how neurodiversity at work can meet the key talent challenges facing most employers in 2018

- Jen Guadagno, Senior Inclusive Hiring program manager at Microsoft, showcasing how Microsoft have built a pioneering and exemplary autism hiring initiative

Click here to listen to the 'Thinking Differently' webinar.


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